Friday, October 31, 2008

Xul Huntership

This is the first model I attempted. The idea is pretty much what I wanted, but the stargate dimenions are too small and the asteroid material isn't scaled correctly.

From Learning 3D

Close up on the ship with it's EM force field engaged.

From Learning 3D

First Shots of a XulBot

Probably the next series of stuff I'll be doing is inspired by the Ian Douglas stories from the Heritage, Legacy, and Inheritance trilogies. These shots are the first real model I've done so far, using Blender. This is a xul robot, their dumb, but numerous machines used for one on one combat, and possibly repair.

From Learning 3D

Same thing, different camera angle:

From Learning 3D

Wonder what it looks like inside?

From Learning 3D


I hooked in an armature system:

From Learning 3D

But I'm pretty sure I still have some kinks to work out. I figured out how to set up IK constrains, to a degree, and that's how I got the "arms" to curve. Anyways, there's still some distortion with the arm shapes and the armature.

The material for the skin comes from: Alien Metal 1.


This is just a an experiment, a place to throw up progress as I learn to use 3D tools, with specific focus on using Blender and Houdini.