Saturday, October 28, 2017

Apollo Lunar Module

Seems sort of a shame to model all this stuff and leave out our good buddy the Lunar Module, so here goes!

I found some absolutely fantastic reference here, a full LM model built by Vincent Meens

The shapes on the LM are so hard to work out I would have never gotten anywhere without this.

Saturn LUT

Here is some more work on the LUT, just trying to get as much detailing as I can.

A couple of shots with the Saturn V in place to get a sense of how well (or poorly) everything will fit together.

Some shots of the crane element at the top of the LUT

And more detailing the platform, trying to get all the various fuel and power lines in place.

Monday, May 29, 2017

A few months ago I got inspired to start working on a complete Saturn V model. It's been a lot of fun to model and learn about not only the Saturn V/Apollo program in general, but also some of the specifics of the various components, like the design of the F1 and J2 engines. The modeling is not quite complete, but it's getting there.

References include (in no particular order): 

Huge thanks to Chris Pennello for a beautiful set of pictures of a high detail J2 model, as well as some fantastic refs in the form of a PDF.

Here's the F1 engine:

The J2:

The S-IC stage:

The S-II stage:

The S-IVB stage (include the Service Module adapter, the SLA):

The Service and Command Modules :

Finally, the rocket can't take off without a launch tower, so....

Hopefully more to come...