Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sierra strikes a pose

Finally rendered a pose with houdini. The pose is generated by a rig in messiah and exported via MDD files to houdini. Body and face rig were based off of tutorials by Joe Cosman. I can't say enough good things about these tutorials - if you're going to do rigging/animation in Messiah, then go out and buy his Rigging 1&2 and Animation 1&2 tutorials.

Turntable image sequence:
From 3D 2010-2011

Experimental pose on the light cycle, just to figure out what the scale of the bike needs to be.

From 3D 2010-2011

From 3D 2010-2011

From 3D 2010-2011


Anonymous said...

i love checking out the progress. i am curious why you would use messiah to rig and pose and then export your character back into houdini. why not just rig in houdini?

does your character stay rigged in houdini once imported?

great work!

Jim Crafton said...

I use the Autorig tool in Houdin a while back and animated it. I found it *extremely* frustrating to work with. I found both the Autorig asset itself hard to use, but more importantly I also found the actually animation GUI difficult to use as well. The graph editor was really quirky, for me at least, depending on what "dekstop" setup you were using. Maybe I was doing something wrong, I don't know, but it was not much fun.
In general, despite all of it's other quirks, I've found Messiah ridiculously easy to rig in and it's much easier to animate in as well, so that's the reason why.

Jim Crafton said...

No the messiah rig doesn't come into Houdini. I export it out from Messiah in mdd format and then import it in Houdini using mdd.

Messiah can export FBX but that doesn't seem to work for my rig (I presume because it's too complex and has too many effects on it).