Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Earth, from Houdini

Here's an Earth (and the Moon peeking out to the side) scene built from scratch with Houdini and several custom shaders. This was built based on techniques from 3DBuzz's "Maya Fundamentals" tutorials, and adapted to Houdini. I'd strongly recommend these to anyone getting started in 3D, really worth the money!

First initial cut (youtube video), using low resolution texture maps:

After looking around a bit, this is a render with much higher resolution texture maps, and the result is pretty dramatic, in my opinion:
From 3D 2009-2010

A few changes to the settings, and using even better imagery for the texture maps, I got this. The images can be found at Tor Oera's site.

From 3D 2009-2010

From 3D 2009-2010

Same thing in video format:

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DejaNewsUser42 said...

Wow. thanks for sharing this. I've thought about picking up training material for "other" 3D apps and applying it to Houdini too. This Fundamentals dvd would be interesting, but at 82 hours and given all the training material i already have -- and don't seem to get to -- it seems like it'd be a waste.

other than that, are the clouds moving besides rotating around the earth? if not, how about using procedural noise and animating it?