Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest Houdini work

I had an image in mind for a sort of mysterious Terminator like robot. However instead of a humanoid face, it would be blank, expressionless. Built as a kind of assassin for the military until it went AWOL, it clothes itself in some sort of robe with a hood or cowl, hiding it's mechanical structure, disappearing into the shadows...
Oooh, it's spooky Mulder!

Anyways, I got an initial bit of the head done:

The back is composed of a series of smaller units, roughly analogous to the vertebrae in the spinal column. Modeled the unit on it's own, and then used the trusty copy SOP to copy the unit along a NURBS line, something like this:

What's cool, is that this is already a kind of "rig", in that I can move the 2 end points or 2 control points of the NURBS line, and the spine units follow along, properly oriented. Many thanks to the guys at 3D Buzz for helping out with this.

Currently the whole thing looks like this:

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