Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Houdini work

Here's a revamp of the previous marine ship from before, only this time I'm really forcing myself to get to grips with modeling in Houdini:

From Learning 3D

A flat rendered close up
From Learning 3D

further away:
From Learning 3D

Further refinements from tonight:

From Learning 3D

From Learning 3D


Mustafa Ismail said...

Cool. And this is done with code? So people who can barely write much less draw have a chance at making something this cool?

Jim Crafton said...


Actually no, this is modeled by hand in Houdini. However the whole design of Houdini is such that programmers will probably feel pretty comfortable in it - the idea of a procedural work flow is something we pick up pretty naturally.

However it would be possible to write a python script that does build a model programmatically. You can also design various shaders, control animation, write custom surface node, etc all with code or within Houdini's visual coding environment.

If you're at all interested in graphics it's really worth giving a try, it takes some time to learn, but it's a truly amazing tool!